He Just Keeps Bombing

Blahahaha, a contestant who auditioned for Canadian Idol, by doing a moonwalk across stage while singing an off key version of Avril Lavigne’s Complicated, has been arrested as part of a Canadian terrorist cell. For the love of god they are even infiltrating our trashy way of life, is there nothing sacred? Dr (yes, I said doctor) Khurram Sher is one of three men arrested in connection with a plot to kaboom things around Ottawa.


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8 responses to “He Just Keeps Bombing

  1. megagetoverit

    Gee getting arrested…the man is a star and he totally blew it by getting involved with bad people…Hmmm bit like Ben Cousins really…silly billy…


    Loon I saw the little line but it was too late lol


    By the way, I see Jimmy got out.

  4. Some people are just crying out for a little attention.

  5. Whatdoyouexpect? It’s Canada!

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