The 7th Annual World Testicle Cooking Championship

You won’t be seeing this on a cooking show  anytime soon, the annual World Testicle Cooking Championship. High in a remote Serbian mountain village chefs gather to cook up animal testicles. Yes, you heard me, the chefs cook up the balls of kangaroos, ostriches, camels, bulls and boars.Hmm so if you feel like a beef ball goulash, gonad moussaka or a testicle pizza this festival is for you? Yummy!

Psst Hey Jammers, if you want any of the recipes just give Susi Spice a buzz!


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13 responses to “The 7th Annual World Testicle Cooking Championship

  1. Susi Spice

    that’s right i take good care of my man (when i have one) … nothing like, and i quote, “a good dose of testosterone before bed” bahahhahaa

  2. Gruff Guano

    My nuts shrunk about 2 sizes when I saw that title.

  3. I immediately thought of the Lamb Fries eating record in a Chevy Chase movie that I can’t remember the name of.

  4. I wouldn’t mind being in a testicle cooking competition as long as I wasn’t in the eating contest too.

  5. megagetoverit

    Brings a new meaning to having a ball…

  6. izziedarling

    Do they take donations?

  7. Had a restaurant here in titty-city where they served Rocky mountain oysters. Weren’t bad with a bit of Tabasco.

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