Grow Up!

OK, here’s the thing Julious Javone Threatts, pretending you are 14 so you can join the Tampa Bay Youth Football League and Tampa Middle school is so High School Musical. You are 21 for goodness sakes! Threatts, who used the alias Chad Jordan, did it because he wanted to play football (hmm, must have been crap to want to play with 14 year olds). Evidently he was pretty good at passing as a 14 year old  as the coach told police, he acted more immature than his 13 year old son. His ruse came to an abrupt end when he tried to register for classes at Tampa Middle School with his fake id. Now Threatts is in jail having violated his parole for burglary and earning a string of new charges.

Psst In my day it was 14 year olds wanting to be 21!


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4 responses to “Grow Up!

  1. All the kids loved him b/c he bought the beer and pizza after the game win or lose

  2. Fairy Face

    Yep, wanted to get to 21 in a hurry.

  3. Gruff Guano

    Soccer players usually have a mental age of 13, maybe 14 tops. The whole adult competition league is superfluous.

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