All Systems Are Go

OK loons, guess what? They have just started to dig out the 33 Chilean miners.I’ll have an update in 4 months or so.


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4 responses to “All Systems Are Go

  1. Fairy Face

    Like our boys they will be pooping and peeing together for a long time and they unlike ours may not get that huge compensation payment.

  2. Those on the ground above have apparently not yet told the poor buggers that they’re going to be underground until Christmas. They are afraid they’ll go into a huge depression, bigger than the one they’re already in.

  3. I heard they sent NASA there to train them on how to stay in confined spaces for long periods. I would have freaked out after 8 hours. They may have had to push some valium down the tube for me.

  4. megagetoverit

    May time pass quickly for them…..

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