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Another Body in Belanglo

Just when you thought it was safe to venture into Belanglo State Forest (NSW) again, after serial killer Ivan Milat’s killing sprees of the 1990s, trail bike riders have found more friggin bones, including a skull. Everybody panic!!! The skeletal remains have been confirmed as being human but it is too early to speculate if this yet another one of  Milat’s victims. Milat is serving a life time of woe x7 for killing seven backpackers in the same forest in the 1990’s. The movie Wolf Creek is loosely based on this psycho!


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Death By Mushroom Picking

Can you believe in just over a week 18 people  have died from mushroom picking in Italy? No, they didn’t die from toadstool poisoning silly, but from falling into rocky crevasses and gorges.That’s what happens when you go picking them in the alpine regions of northern Italy while unfit , fat or ill equipped.

Psst I’m guessing a few mamas won’t be cooking linguine funghi again!

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Love Hurts

I'm not putting up with that shit!

OK, here’s the thing 24 year old Joshua Porter, falsely imprisoning your 66 year old girlfriend and assaulting her is not going to get you a McHappy meal. Porter was arrested after his girlfriend claims following an argument he slammed the door on her hand, shoved her on a couch, twisted her nose, hit on the head with couch pillows ,  forced her to kiss her dead hubby’s photo then wouldn’t allow her to leave. Hmm, I feel like watching Harold and Maude.


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Friggin Facebook

Oh for the love of McDonalds, Facebook are currently trying to trademark the word “face” and “book” to stop either one being used by other people for website titles and domain names.Oh give me a break. Can the law slap itself in the face head for allowing such nonsense. Already and have been forced to change their names.It’s worth a mass friggin defriending I say.


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Wiki Did It!

It was the b.......

Whoopsie, Wiki is in trouble again. Remember the world’s longest running play Mousetrap? Yes? Well Wikipedia have revealed the friggin ending and Agatha Christie’s family are not amused. The whole mystic of the play was that at the end of the play the audience is sworn to secrecy about whodunnit. Now, not only has the plot with its twist and turns been revealed, so too the ending. It’s enough to make a butler weep.

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Meet The Flintstones

I hate my job!

You know what’s worse than been stuck down  a friggin hole with 32 other smelly, near naked depressed Chilean miners for 4 months? Having to friggin clear the friggin tons of rocks that are gonna be falling down the rescue hole. Hell, I’d be wanting overtime. If the miners fail to remove the rocks as they fall, the hole will fill up and they’ll be lucky to see light of day before Christmas. No worries, it’s only about 4,000 tonnes of rubble.


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Ring Of Fire


OK, if you live anywhere within kooee of the Sinabung volcano in Sumatra you might want to think about getting the hell out of there, the damn thing is about to blow. The volcano has already spewed smoke and ash 1.5km into the air (hello people, remember Pompeii !!!) and a thick blanket of black smoke has covered the area. Singabung hasn’t popped it’s lid for over 400 years but officials have put the island on red alert. So far 12,000 people have been evacuated.

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Kidney Transplant Via The Vagina

Here it comes!

Hey ladies, would you be tempted to become a kidney donor if they could remove it via  your vagina?  The Methodist Hospital  are going to study whether it is a safer and less painful way for a kidney donor to have their organ removed for a transplant op. Last year a doctor successfully extracted a kidney through a woman’s vagina (like she was having a baby) rather than by abdominal incision. The study will include analyzing the amount of bacteria the kidney must past through when coming out via the vagina!


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Don’t Mess With The Friggin Panda

Thank god they’re endangered!

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I Was Just Showing Him The Back Passage!

Oh my, that’s  a tad awkward. An Illinois real estate agent has been caught starkers with a client in the master bedroom of a house he was flogging. The agent was sprung by the property owner’s son who, after discovering the men both naked,  called police.


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