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Your Work is Shit?

OK, this isn’t something new but an artist in Australia is having an exhibition featuring her own feces. Yes, Georgie Mattingley (21) works with her own brightly colored shit. The exhibition entitled Life is Delicious will be held at Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin. Mattingley became fascinated with the color of excrement when she was 13 “I’ve done everything I can to turn something so vulgar and repulsive into something so beautiful and spiritual”. Hmm,  I bet she goes through hell cans of air freshener. Click here to see a sample of her work Life Is Delicious.

Psst You know somehow I can’t imagine hanging her work on my wall!


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RIP Three Actors and a Comedian

This week hasn’t been a good one in Hollywood. It started with the death of Eddie Fisher, then Gloria Stuart (Titanic granny Rose), then comedian Greg Giraldo and now Tony Curtis. RIP you all.


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Most Annoying TV Commercials 2010

No one should have to reuse their catheter …..

WOW, that’s a low price!!!!


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It Took 92 Years But They Finally Did It!

OMG, on Sunday Germany will have paid off the last of its World War I debts. That’s 92 years of reparations thanks to the 1919 Versailles treaty in which Germany took full responsibility for the war. Sheez, imagine a 269 billion gold marks bill in those days.


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Actions Have Consequences

OMG, a New Jersey student who was secretly filmed by two classmates having sex with another man  has committed suicide a day after they posted it on the Internet. Tyler Clementi jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge following the illegal tape being placed on a Internet chat room. Clementi was a talented musician who had the world at his feet. Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei are facing five years in prison. Sad, tragic and downright nasty!

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The Gruen Transfer pitch. Oh dear god, Aussies and Kiwis unite. What a load of sheep!


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And The Lesson Today

OK, here’s the thing, don’t be answering your cell phone in no Asian lady’s class….


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