Don’t Mention The War

Oi, copyright infringement!

Oi, oi, oi, when Lisa Marie Thompson decided to get personalized licence plates for her boyfriend Andrew Ryan, she really wasn’t really thinking of the ramifications. Hmm, not until she received a complaint from a pissed off motorist, who I suspect was Jewish. Yes, for 4 years she had been driving around with “ARYAN1” on her plates (FYI she is no longer with boyfriend).Transport officials in New Zealand are refusing to have the plate withdrawn because it would be a breach of Ms Thompson’s rights and Ms Thompson says she has no intention of handing them in.


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5 responses to “Don’t Mention The War

  1. Ha! What a jack-ass! That’s quite amusing…

    • Fairy Face

      I always fugure exhibitionists have personalised plates. Who wants everyone to know where you are and what you drive? Still I have to admit when hubby got his old green porsche 911 Targa I got him some 911 plates for it. He was a bit pretentious when he was younger. Thank God he grew out of his CAR phase. Men and their cars !!

      • Susi Spice

        i hate it when ppl put those personalised plates on their cars..its so wanker!

      • Blahahaa I made fun of a guy at a party who had personal number plates. I told him it’s a sure way of getting caught if you are cheating ….I swear within 24 hours he had them removed. Bingo!

      • Susi Spice

        now u should tell him… its so noticible that you changed your number plates now everyone who knew you will recognise your new number plates as the car who had that personalised number plate… ull still get caught…


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