Sacred cow

OK, sure cows are sacred in India but friggin breastfeeding an orphaned calf? Sheez! Chouthi Bai believes “The gods will be pleased if I raise her.” Hmm yeah but will PETA?


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6 responses to “Sacred cow

  1. My grandmother is rolling in her grave over breastfeeding a cow. But I do love the woman’s clothes. I love hot pink

  2. Fairy Face

    Being a twin and having a mother who had in fact as much milk as a cow, she used to express hers and it was given to prem babies. Kind of the opposite way around ! I hated the thought of breastfeeding my own so stuck them on the bottle right away. No tittays for my lot and they are still very close to me. Who says breast is best?

  3. Susi Spice

    what a boob

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