Not Environmentally Friendly Enough

James Lee, the man who was killed after taking hostages at Discovery Channel’s headquarters yesterday, was pissed that the company was making shows like “Kate Plus 8,” Evidently the Gosselins weren’t environmentally friendly enough and were not about to save the planet anytime soon. Dah! Maybe he should have flicked over to Nat Geo!

Psst Thank goodness they didn’t sign up Octomom.


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3 responses to “Not Environmentally Friendly Enough

  1. megagetoverit

    sad world …why kill a guy who had an interest in saving the planet…so f%*king typical. dhu…

  2. Sad, but the guy pointed his gun at the hostages, and got shot for it. Pretty stupid.

  3. Fairy Face

    Guns are always a bad sign. In Oz for while back you just had towave one around , either that or a nachette and they would take you out. They even shot dead a fifteen year old brandishing a knife at cops.

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