Christchurch Earthquake

You know what I friggin hate? When a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Christchurch and you are told not to flush your toilet. I really friggin hate that. Authorities are currently trying to restore electricity, water and sewerage to the devastated New Zealand city. Emergency services have pulled out 10 people from holes created by the quake. The New Zealand Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency with fears that power cuts will prevent the dairy industry from milking their cows this afternoon.


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7 responses to “Christchurch Earthquake

  1. Fairy Face

    Oh yeah that would be a catastrophe if they couldn’t milk the cows. I think that all Kiwis residing in Oz should head back home to help hand milk them and assist their bro in any way they can. Eh Loon?

  2. I just heard about this a while ago.
    I heard a Kiwi joke the other day too
    Kiwi 1: Hey bro what’s a Hindu?
    Kiwi 2: Oh that’s easy bro it lays iggs

  3. Why is it a state of emergency if they can’t mild their cows? They have a shitload of PB & J’s and Oreo’s over there, don’t they? Because I agree, that would be an emergency.

    • Van

      We have no PB&J’s or Oreos. Everything shut down Supermarkets/Petrol stations – EVERYTHING. City in lock down, Aftershocks still happening frequently, People still without power and water … actually kind of serious. No Joke.

  4. If they took all the feral camels across the way in Aussie land, they could hump their way out of it.

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