Political Bullshit

For those of you who have been wondering, Australia still hasn’t a  government, Prime Minister, leader, nothing. Yes people, it has been 17 days since the country voted and everything is still in limbo. Ironically the decision comes down to 3 Independents who are basically blackmailing the two major parties, Labor and the Coalition, into changing policies and redirecting funding to get their vote. I say go back to polls and let the people vote all these friggin imbeciles out.

In reality the Coalition won the election by a significant majority but thanks to the two party preferred voting system we now have this ridiculous situation. In other words, it really isn’t the people who decide the government but the politicians who woo the minority parties behind the scenes.  If they make it compulsory for everyone to vote they should make it compulsory for the party who received the most votes to be elected and not this bullshit system of minority parties handing over their votes to  their preferred leader.

Oh and while I am bitching about stupid friggin politics can someone tell me why not one political party, including the friggin Greens, failed to mention the water crisis in their campaign? This is the most important issue Australia will face this century. Without a solution we are doomed.


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6 responses to “Political Bullshit

  1. Well hell then, I’ll vote for you. I don’t live in Australia but it should still count.

  2. Now, seeing that I’m an American, I shouldn’t venture too strong an opinion on the matter, but oh well……

    WTF?! Compulsory voting? It should be every Australian’s friggin right to not give a dang if she doesn’t want to. Why make someone who isn’t informed go into a voting booth if one doesn’t want to? it would make me want to write Mickey Mouse, Betty White, or Steve Irwin in the write in candidate box.

  3. 17 days ?

    You’ve got a way to go yet before you beat Iraq – been 6 months since their ‘general election’ and they still haven’t managed to form a new Government !

    Some folks think a ‘coalition government’ is a great idea – it will lead to ‘moderate/reasonable’ policies as parties are forced to compromise and find common ground ‘in the middle’. I think that’s bollocks. What mostly happens is that small parties on the extreme ‘left’ or ‘right’ that very few of the general population voted for end up exerting power way in excess of that warranted on their share of the vote. They effectively blackmail the larger parties into adopting some of their extreme policies in return for their support – not much of an advert for democracy !!!

  4. Fairy Face

    I’m as sick of it as you Loon and I feel like I’m the only person in Oz worrying about when the desalination plant will be finished as we need that more than an other thing they have in mind. Our politicians are a joke, they really are. Always bitching and biting like school kids.

  5. I wonder if science can develop a spray the effects only politicians. Turns em into blithering idiots and . . . wait a minute: they already have.

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