Baby Thrower Acquitted

WTF, a woman who threw her 10 month old baby on to a concrete floor has been acquitted because…wait for it… she didn’t have the mental capacity to know it was dangerous. In other words she was drunk!!!! The Darwin judge said he had “reasonable doubt” about the woman’s mental capacity despite the seriousness of the offence and therefore acquitted her. Here’s the clincher, the magistrate used a psychiatric report, which claimed years of cannabis and alcohol abuse had affected her ability to solve problems, to determine his decision. Hmm, here’s a thought, maybe you should have used the same report to have the child placed in a safer environment?  Just another example of Australia’s fine judicial system!


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5 responses to “Baby Thrower Acquitted

  1. Jesus christ… that’s hard to watch. It astounds me how many of these shit-bags-that-should-never-have-been-parents walk away from court systems unscathed. The least the judges could do is put their kids in better care and actually PUNISH the caretakers. Our world is horrible – I rest my case.

  2. michellefrommadison

    Whatever charges and possible penalties she was facing should be served by one of the prosecution’s team member now, and then maybe they (the prosecutions) will learn a valuable lesson. For the prosecution to not be punished for their failures is the true crime in this case, not the victim-mother or victim-child.

  3. So what did they do to the woman who tried to take the baby away? Ten years? Friggin idiots.

  4. Clearly the judge also spent years abusing drink and cannabis.

  5. Fairy Face

    The only stiff sentence I can think of in Oz was the one a couple of years back for rape, 59 years Woo hoo ! Those Lebanese guys who phoned each other to come and join in the rape of the Australian girl they met on the train. Mind you she must have been silly as a snake to go with them but still thankfully, No means NO! Terrorists don’t even get that much here.
    And if I could suggest that we don’t allow egg and spoon races as we don’t want to get them all frazzled now do we?? Take em out the back and just shoot them and be rid of that vermin.
    The world would be a better place for it.
    We mollycoddle them too much for too long.

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