The Old Taste Test

Show me your tits!

OK, here’s the thing Finnish women, if your doctor says he needs to suck your nipple to diagnose your ailment it’s probably just some old midwives trick! Sheez, a woman in Finland went to see a doc about fluid seeping from her nipple. He then, after having asked her permission,  placed one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked to taste the fluid. He claims it was an old midwives trick, she claims it was sexual molestation.


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12 responses to “The Old Taste Test

  1. I’m glad our physicians are claiming to use old wives’ tales to cure our ailments. Best not to do anything that they learned from med school or something crazy like that. Oh yea, almost forgot to comment on the part about this guy being A TOTAL SHIT, because I’m sure the judge will be taking care of that angle.

  2. An old midwives trick? Like, what kind of trick? A dirty trick? WTF? Are there midwives out there sucking nipples to make sure the baby gets a good meal or something? What kind of school do they go to in order to learn this sort of talent?

  3. Well if it is milk then she is pregnant (or gave birth), if it is something else, it is something else. Sound’s reasonable to me.

  4. Fairy Face

    Sounds like dirty tricks to me Sicko!. Mind you have yo noticed how mother’s taste the babies food when feeding them? Ewh! We all have two deadly bacteria in our mouths which can kill. We can also carry e coli and H Pylori . These can be transmitted to the baby and mahe it sick, That’s why Asia has the highest stats for stomach ulcers in the world because the share food and dig in to each others bowls with chop sticks carrying bacteria from their mouths. So lesson is, don’t taste anyone’s food and use metal bowls and utensils as bamboo rice cookers and chop sticks harbour more bacteria. Oh yeah and don’t suck women’s nipples !!

  5. Ewwwww, he didn’t even know what it might be!

  6. Susi Spice

    u know if a doctor said to me, let me suck your nipples…purely to for medical friggin well should know he means…I want to suck on your nipples end of story. If you let him/her do it, then you friggin wanted it to happen.

  7. izziedarling

    He sucks.

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