Friggin Local Psychic!

You know what I hate? When a rumor spreads through a Belize village that the American animal sanctuary owners had fed two missing children to their crocs. I really friggin hate that. Cherie and Vince Rose had spent six years building the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary in Central America in  an effort to save endangered reptiles. Sadly, however, a local psychic told the villagers that two missing local kids  had been killed by the couple and  fed to their 17 crocs. That’s a torching, right there!  Yes, truckloads of angry indigenous Mayans, armed with guns and machetes arrived at the sanctuary and burned it to the ground. Fortunately the Roses weren’t home at the time or they would have found themselves  starring in a real life horror movie.


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3 responses to “Friggin Local Psychic!

  1. Susi Spice

    this is why everyone always tells you never go to Belize. They are fully into voodoo shit and stuff like that and go through all sorts of black magic rituals etc… lol one country in central america i dont plan going to…

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