OK, here’s the thing administrators at the Byron Nelson High School in Texas, you might want to do a course in tact before suspending a 16 year old boy for three days because he had bloodshot eyes  and looked like he’d been smoking dope. Turns out the snowflake was simply upset because his dad had been friggin murdered on the weekend.  The boy had begged his mom to let him go to school  so he could be with his friends but before going to class he had to go to the office to get a tardy slip. Big mistake. To make matters worse, despite his mom explaining the situation to the school she had to have him drug tested before he was allowed to return. Of course the results were negative.The boy’s mom who is more than miffed said “We had other things to do this week than worry about a three day window for an appeal, a two hour window for a drug test and my son’s reputation and high school career,”


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8 responses to “Dope!

  1. I’d sue that school for all they’re worth.

  2. megagetoverit

    Texas? Say no more….

  3. I’d be ready to sue.

  4. oh maaaaaan. that is tragic!

    i would beat every single person up at that school.

  5. Bloodshot eyes can be the result of a lot of things, such as crying and allergies. Ordering a drug test juat because someone has bloodshot eyes, however, is an achievement of paranoia very difficult to explain without factoring drug use. In other words holy crap, are those administrators high?

  6. How fucking stupid can you get? well…nm.

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