Guess Who’s Got a Personal Trainer?

Like we need more sweat!

Wondering what’s been up with the trapped Chilean miners? Well, they have just been assigned a personal trainer. The 33 men will begin their hour long exercise regime today, woohoo. The trainer  will appear via closed circuit TV. Hmm, zumba might be fun!

Psst So lets get this straight, they have been rationed to 40 cigs a day, no alcohol and now exercise. Welcome to Chile’s biggest losers!


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5 responses to “Guess Who’s Got a Personal Trainer?

  1. Susi Spice


    what they dont know is that they will be voted out of the mines by a TV audience

  2. Fairy Face

    40 fags a day and a personal trainer. I think they have a warped idea of what good health is all about. Confined space, smoking, or is that 40 ciggies to be shared among all of them?

  3. I had an uncle once mined for gold in Oz. He gave it up for alcohol and died a happy drunk.

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