Play By The Rules

$27,000 you say?

Welcome to North Port, I hope your stay with us will be pleasant if not expensive. Life for some has became a friggin nightmare since the city decided to crack down on rule violations. Diane Pearson is one who knows what Nazis they have become. She now owes $27,000 in fines because she had a car sitting in her driveway without a valid license plate for 4 months. The city fined her $50 a day and continued to do so a year after the car was removed. OK, Ms Pearson failed to notify them that the car had been picked up by a church group but $27,000. Last year the city offered to settle the case for $6,200  but she was unable to afford to pay the amount within a year. Now she is all lawyered up and ready to take them on.


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3 responses to “Play By The Rules

  1. Fucking lunacy. Pedantic twats. Simply shooting the knackers on the council should go a long way to sorting out that kind of bureaucratic idiocy. Even sacking the fuckwits would save a bloody fortune in the wages bill.

  2. Private property doesn’t mean anything any more? What next, she won’t be able to drive her own car because some friggin official wants to drive it? Nanny turned communist.

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