Well At Least She Didn’t Rub Their Face In It!

Ah shit, an Illinois woman has been arrested after it was alleged she smeared dog poop all over her neighbor’s patio after she accidentally stepped in it. Susan Miller was decidedly pissed when she discovered she had shit on her shoe, so proceeded to plastered it over the dog owner’s patio along with a sign asking residents to clean up after their dogs and a pile of dog poop bags.


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5 responses to “Well At Least She Didn’t Rub Their Face In It!

  1. michellefrommadison

    Arrested? She should be getting a congressional medal of honor.

  2. Where is the support signs for that woman?

  3. There’s a guy near where I live who lets his dog poop everywhere and then just leaves it. (Big dog, big poop).
    I’ve been thinking of scooping it up and posting it through his letter box.

  4. Hellz yea! Congrats to this woman!

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