Might Want To Avoid Dating An Aussie Bloke

The key to happiness for half the Aussie men? Trade in their missus for a different model. Yes, half of the Australian men surveyed for the American Express Enrichment Report said the key to enriching their lives would be to get rid of their wife or girlfriend. Urgh, three quarters said their current relationships were in need of  some serious enrichment. Interestingly,  keeping fit was way down on the priority list. Lazy assed bastards.

Psst Hmm, and to think the key to an Australian woman’s happiness is for their men to keep the friggin toilet seat down.


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10 responses to “Might Want To Avoid Dating An Aussie Bloke

  1. megagetoverit

    Aussie men are turning gay…maybe in anticipation of Oprah’s visit…She is known for saying “its ok to be gay” hence half of the US women have ditched their spouses for the girl next door…totally backed up by Helen De Generes.. lets be honest…it takes a very basic woman to be pleased with the toilet seat left in the down position… the reality is that we lazy assed bastards dont care if we piss on it or not…so down it stays regardless..sucked in to the blond that thought we did it for her…
    Gee im a bitch….
    Come on Aussie come on all you lazy bastards…

  2. Probably b/c of Duncan’s post…they are all too fat. bwahahah

  3. Susi Spice

    thats why im still single… lol i need to move countries

  4. Like Gertrude Stein said, “Men are simple to understand, they either want sex or food. If you don’t see an erection, make a sandwich.” It isn’t all that complicated

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