Who Does She Think She Is?

I refuse to use a hot water bottle!

OMG, say it ain’t so, the Queen (yes, Elizabeth, Charles’ mom) is rumored to have asked the British government for money from a fund for the poor to help keep her palaces warm. She got the “hell no” because officials feared it would spell a PR disaster for the monarch (ya think?). Damn shame they couldn’t block the freedom of information legislation! Despite getting £15 million in state grants for the upkeep of her palaces per year the rising cost of gas and electricity forced her to beg for “more please”. Royal aides inquired if it was possible to dig into the coffers of a government scheme that was set up to help people on low income, to pay for  four new heat and power units at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. I bet you Fergie is snickering as we speak!


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8 responses to “Who Does She Think She Is?

  1. izziedarling

    She needs to cozy up to eBay.

  2. Those stone buildings can get cold.

  3. You’ve got to feel sorry for the puir auld biddy.

    Jeez, I struggle to keep my wee 2-bedroom cottage warm during the winter. Imagine what a struggle it must be for Liz to heat all these bloody Royal residences. Why Buck Palace alone has 775 rooms (78 of them bathrooms) !!!


  4. P.S. Perhaps Bono can organise a concert to raise money to pay Liz’s heating bill

  5. I think they should let her do it so long as she opens the palace to he poor so they have a warm place to sleep.

  6. I imagine those castles do get pretty drafty. 🙂

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