Check Your Friggin Spam Filter People

Concerned that some of your regulars haven’t been on your blog for awhile? Well you might want to just check your spam filters to see if some have slipped through the cracks and ended up floating in the cesspool of Nigerian scammers and Russian porn pimps. I keep fishing Jammers out of mine (he was keeping real bad company).  The problem, I fear, is when you add a link in your comment. Google god thinks you are spamming and sends you to the sin bin. If you happen to find someone in your spam folder  I suggest you soak them in disinfectant or  hose them down before approving them. Can’t tell what they have caught down there!

Psst For people on WordPress the Spam Filter can be found when you click on “Comments” .



Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, I'm Just Saying !

7 responses to “Check Your Friggin Spam Filter People

  1. Griffin

    Jammers, it looks like the company you keep is getting you into trouble or your reputation is proceeding you. Either way I am glad to call you a friend. Loon some of us just don’t clean up that well!

  2. Jammers needs to stop selling erectile dysfunction meds and he will get out of purgatory.

  3. Just checked the Spam folder over at MadHatters – no prizes for guessing who I found lurking in there 🙄 😆

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