Daddy Dearest

Regrets, he had a few!

OK, here’s the thing Donald Curtis Denney, plotting to smuggle a chunk of black tar heroin to your son in prison was never going to work, especially after the two of you discussed it over friggin monitored telephones for two months. OK Loons, you may upchuck a little after you hear what the two schemed, so be warned. Denney was going to shove the golf sized black tar heroin up his butt and then he was going to pass it to his son (the hard hat bandit) via a mouth to mouth kiss during a visit (nasty). Fortunately he was arrested at the Colorado prison before the tonguey.

Psst Damn! I would have made him exchange the heroin before  arresting him.


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7 responses to “Daddy Dearest

  1. Don’t you love America?!
    Wow 2 gross-outs in a row!!! Now that’s what I call journalism! 🙂

  2. Is he related to the “Promotion Fail” guy cause damn they do look related.

  3. Fairy Face

    Ewh incestuous sort of family! Makes me feel ill.

  4. Susi Spice

    i wonder it starts?
    “so… will you pass it to me without looking suspicious? maybe u could kiss me and pass it mouth to mouth?”

    “ah…yeah sure, I was going to suggest we pretend a snake bit my ass and u were sucking the poison out but lets go with your idea”

  5. izziedarling

    Daddy obviously is missing his teeth, along with brain cells. Really disgusto.

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