Your Work is Shit?

OK, this isn’t something new but an artist in Australia is having an exhibition featuring her own feces. Yes, Georgie Mattingley (21) works with her own brightly colored shit. The exhibition entitled Life is Delicious will be held at Kingston Arts Centre, Moorabbin. Mattingley became fascinated with the color of excrement when she was 13 “I’ve done everything I can to turn something so vulgar and repulsive into something so beautiful and spiritual”. Hmm,  I bet she goes through hell cans of air freshener. Click here to see a sample of her work Life Is Delicious.

Psst You know somehow I can’t imagine hanging her work on my wall!


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5 responses to “Your Work is Shit?

  1. Scat art. Yeah, it’s not something I’d want in my house. I suppose you could spray it with varnish or something to contain the odor, but why?

    “That’s a wonderful painting you’ve got hanging there.”

    “It’s shit.”

    “No, I really like it.”

    “No, I mean it’s really shit.”

  2. Jeez, for a moment there, loon, I thought you’d nicked the post on ‘shit’ I’ve got sitting in my draft folder waiting to put up tomorrow 😉

  3. izziedarling

    So, would she or wouldn’t she be full of shit?

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