Britain’s Dumbest Crim

No seriously Jason Williams, you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Mr Williams was arrested and jailed after he stole his next door neighbors curtains and then hung them up in his own window.


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3 responses to “Britain’s Dumbest Crim

  1. That’s nothing. I knew a guy in college who put his laundry basket down in front of his door for 5 minutes while he went to the study lounge to get his roommates key.

    He came back to find his neighbor wearing one of his shirts from the basket.

    The neighbor dared him to prove it was his.

  2. Nothing much sadder than a curtain thief.

  3. Fairy Face

    A friend of mine was moving a small bar fridge to her son’s place as you do fo your needy kids so she wheeled it out on a trolley as it was awkward and a tad heavy. She left it by the car to take the trolley back inside and came outside to find “NO FRIDGE”. She reckons she was gone less than 60 seconds.

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