Reverse Charges

Hey Loons, I hear Tony Curtis was buried with his iPhone, so if you want to crank call him I suggest you do it  before his batteries go flat.

Psst I hope he is on a good phone plan!


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7 responses to “Reverse Charges

  1. he better be careful. i hear you’re not supposed to lay next to your phone, for fear of radiation emissions.

    • Fairy Face

      Somehow I doubt if that will be a problem for him. Having said that I read the other day Loon that our very own Tracey Wickham’s daughter called her mother from her grave. Sadly her young daughter passed away at 18 of a rare cancer and they buried her with her much loved pink phone. Low and behold Tracey’s mum got a call showing her grandaughter’s number. SPOOKY!!!! Well I just want you to know that I’m not only having my phone go with me but an oxygen bottle and a torch. This loon is not going down without a fight. Oh maybe I need some liquid refreshments too. I don’t want to get parched lol.

      • Well I want oxygen, a flashlight (what the hell will a torch do for you) and a phone to call for someone to dig me out.

      • Blahahaahah FF, I agree, nothing like being prepared!!!

      • Fairy Face

        Think about it bearman it’s dark down there and I need to see the keys on my phone silly. That little light on the phone is insufficient and will flatten the battery quickly and besides that I’m scared of the friggin dark. Since I saw my GHOST I’ve always had to have a light on somewhere in the house and can’t sleep on a pitch dark room. Whooooooooo! Especially if it’s about 2 x 6.

  2. Griffin

    The torch is so FF can watch the bubbles as the cork pops. My kind of gal, no glasses just straight out of the bottle.

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