There’s Halal In My Soup

Can you hear the Sharia alarm bell ringing Clarice? The Campbell soup company’s Canadian branch have introduced a line of 25 halal certified soups. What could possibly go wrong? Hmm, well a  “Boycott Campbell Soup” group on Facebook for starters. Dear god, no one tell Bschooled!!!

Psst I wonder what it taste like? Do they kill the broccoli facing East? Is it full of the same crap as the Western version? So many friggin questions!


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6 responses to “There’s Halal In My Soup

  1. Susi Spice


    they should all come with a life or death necklace loony imagine the dosh youd make then!

  2. Hey, loon – it’s not just Campbells Soup on sale in Canada

    With the exception of McDonalds (but including Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, KFC, Nandos, and Subway), fast food outlets in the UK and major supermarket chains are (and have been without telling anyone) selling ‘halal’ meat.

    Source . . .

    P.S. Seems the New Zealand lamb exported to the UK is ritually slaughtered and prepared according to islamic law !

    Any New Zealand lamb on sale in Aussie shops, loon?

    Just asking 😉 😆

    • New Zealand meat in Australia…sheez Duncan!!!
      Hmm, I bet those fast food outlets are just pretend halal. I swear half the ingredients isn’t even classified as food let alone halal!!

  3. Isn’t it the same as Kosher??

  4. “Waiter! There’s a burka floating in my halal soup!”

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