Feud From Hell

Move over “lady throwing cat into a wheelie bin” we have a new winner for Hate Club. Introducing Scott and Jennifer Petkov from Michigan, now deemed the most heartless couple in the US. This despicable hubby and wife team have been taunting the family of a 7 year old who is dying of Huntington’s disease. And when I say “taunting” I mean “friggin taunting”. Firstly, they posted a photograph of the terminally ill schoolgirl, Kathleen Edwards, on Facebook with a set of crossbones. Then they posted a photo of Kathleen’s mom, who also died of the disease last year, in the arms of the grim reaper. Oh no, it gets worse. It is alleged, when the girls mom died, the Petkovs drove their truck, which has “death Machine” written on it and a coffin attached, down the street honking the horn. The feud between the Petkovs and the Edwards has been going now for 2 years. The reason? Because the Petkov kids were not invited to  Kathleen’s birthday party put on by Kathleen’s grandmother Rebecca Rose. Urgh, when Jennifer Petkov was asked why she escalated the feud she said ‘personal satisfaction’ and ‘because it burns Rebecca Rose’s ass raw.’

Psst No guessing who’s going to hell in  handbag!


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6 responses to “Feud From Hell

  1. Fairy Face

    Dear God what is the world coming to?

  2. Scott and Jennifer Petkov: you are aware of the fact payback is a bitch.

  3. megagetoverit

    kill em….

  4. Susi Spice

    i read about this, those people are nasty. something very bad will come their way soon

  5. izziedarling

    Huntington’s is one of the worst, most horrid diseases. These people are despicable. Sick, horrid humans. Hope a new ring of hell is created just for them.

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