Twighlight Has A Lot To Answer For!

Team Dumbass

Sometimes it truly sucks to be a vampire, especially when a homeless man refuses to give you blood AND mocks you. How infrigginconsiderate! When would-be vampires, Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson, were teased by homeless dude, Robert Mayley, when they asked to suck his blood the pair stabbed him. That’s an aggravated assault charge right there and an increase chance of getting HIV!


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2 responses to “Twighlight Has A Lot To Answer For!

  1. megagetoverit

    blood sucking losers…..just kill the duo forget the charges …its paperwork and that means loss of trees…

  2. Knowing Tinseltown and their love of anything that sucks blood, they’ll probably make a reality show out of it.

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