Naked Jogger Fail

but without clothes...

Jogging naked except for goggles…that’s a tasering. When the drunk Melbourne man failed to stop the cops brought out their stun guns and zapped his sorry naked ass! Stopped him!

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One response to “Naked Jogger Fail

  1. megagetoverit

    To taser a naked unarmed man makes you wonder if the cop got sexually aroused inflicting his/her torture toy on such harmless victim. Insecure idiot given power by means of a uniform and a taser gun…gee seems much more dangerous than a naked man jogging…Sound like one of our South African police recruits. Thank God he/she was not in Sydney when 1000 + people where draped naked down the Opera House stairs for a photo in the name of art. Some cops are just plain sadistic bastards able to act out their fantasies without judgement.

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