Burka Rage

Sheez, lucky I wasn't wearing my vest!!!

A retired teacher Jeanne Ruby (63) went a little troppo when she spied a woman wearing a niqab in a home furnishing shop in Paris. She ran up to the unsuspecting woman and asked her to remove the veil because it was offensive. She was pretty much ignored by Shaika Al-Suwaidi who was shopping with a friend and two snowflakes. When Mrs Ruby spotted a still veiled Al-Suwaidi a few minutes later, she flew across the store and ripped the niqab off her head before scratching and slapping the stunned woman. In an interview following the incident an unrepentent Mrs Ruby said “For me, wearing the veil is an act of aggression; I felt attacked as a woman,” and “It’s no more than a muzzle and all that’s missing is the reins. It’s the negation of womanhood.”


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17 responses to “Burka Rage

  1. Susi Spice

    im guessing that lady should go into hiding probably right about now…haha

  2. This is ‘assault’, pure and simple and she should be tried and sentenced for such.

    If not, then we open the way for anyone to assault another person because we don’t like the way they dress or the colour of their skin.

    There is no excuse for this behaviour.

    “For me, wearing the veil is an act of aggression; I felt attacked as a woman,” ???

    F*cking Arsehole !!!

    I have friends who chose to wear the burqa. It is nothing to do with what their men folk want or tell them to do (jeez, the blokes wouldn’t dare to tell the stroppy cows what to wear!). It is their personal choice, and they get really pissed off with the arrogant attitude of their feminist ‘sisters’ equating the wearing of the burqa with male oppression of women. That may well be the case in places like Afghanistan, but less so in other countries where wearing the burqa is more a matter of personal freedom of choice.

  3. Fairy Face

    Ah this old burka thing keeps rearing it’s ugly head. No other garment has been so despised, I wonder why that is? Indian women in Oz wear beautiful Saris beaded from head to toe and I love them. Their olive skin showing through and bangles and earings a plenty. Stunning beautiful girls but the burka is drab, heavy cumbersome and unflattering. Give me ‘Feminine” any day.
    We have Maltese fiestas, Spanish, Austrian, German and all wear their national dress and celebrate in their special days We are all invited to share in these activities . Never seen the burqa women share in anything, why is that? Never see them out and about much either and certainly never see them in the work force, why is that?
    Seems like they don’t go to work much here either. Give me the Asians anyday. They integrate and are great to be around. The love you to barter and would rather barter than lose a sale. I saw two burqa clad women in the Linen shop demanding a reduction in price and wasn’t surprised when they were refused service at all.
    The only thing I agree with is that they are indeed stroppy cows who need to learn a bit about people skills.

  4. I agree with Duncan.

    At the risk of sounding like I live in a landlocked bubble (which I do), what’s a snowflake?

  5. I’d like to slap anyone wearing burkenstocks still…esp with white socks.

  6. What kind of itch would smack a woman in front of snowflakes? I sure do hate intolerant itches!!!

    YAY! I see I’m on your blogroll to spread my gospel to the world. That is the coolest thing ever. Much happy!!!!

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