Hazards of Smoking

Oh my, a wheelchair bound man with a penchant for smoking has accidentally set himself and the neighborhood  on fire.Here’s how it happened. The Florida man was smoking a ciggie in a vacant lot with lots of grass when he  thought he had extinguished it. Hmm,  apparently not, because when he threw it into the brush …kaboom…the  whole place was on fire including him and his wheelchair. When firefighters arrived the man was nowhere in sight but was later found severely burned in his wheelchair.


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5 responses to “Hazards of Smoking

  1. Fairy Face

    Well where exactly was he Loon? I’m just saying with flat tyres he couldn’t have gotten too far.

  2. In my neck of the woods there are smokers who have wrecked their bodies and have to have oxygen tanks to exist. They are advised not to smoke around the oxygen tanks. That advice is ignored and they routinely blow themselves up. It truly amazes me.

  3. I woke up one morning to find myself on a burning couch because I fell asleep with a cigarette in hand. NOT COOL!

    I have since (long ago) quit smoking, but I have not forgotten that near death experience.

  4. izziedarling

    Suspicious, very suspicious (sp)

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