Being Gay In Uganda Sucks

Oh boy, seems Uganda haven’t really caught on to the whole gay rights movement thingy. In fact, you might say they haven’t embraced it at all, judging by the front page of their newspaper. The feature story lists the “top 100” homosexuals in Uganda with a banner reading “Hang Them”. Oooh, it also includes their photos, names and addresses. Hmm, might want to sleep with one eye open boys! So far 4 of the men on the list have been attacked and the 96 others are in hiding. Last year a Ugandan legislator tried to introduce a bill which would allow the death penalty for homosexuals but it was shelved following international uproar.


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3 responses to “Being Gay In Uganda Sucks

  1. Being Gay In Uganda means you can’t Suck. So if it sucks to be a Ugandan, does that mean everybody’s gay? It’s so confusing . . .

  2. Fairy Face

    My God Loon they’d have a field day here in Daylesford. Every shop is owed by homosexuals or lesbians and they proudly hang a fag outside the shop just in case you may have doubts. The way the look is enough to do it. So childish I think but who really cares? If I want something in that shop I’ll buy it whether they’re homonsexual or not. I think they really are a weird lot. It’s like the world revolves around them and just so they know, it DOESN’T. For the record I’m not homophobic I just wish they’d grow the hell up and become big boys and girls. Lol

    • megagetoverit

      Imagine what they would think of you…A grown up calling herself Fairy Face… never mind…your homophobic….lol…I’m taking my vacation in Uganda…you commin Fairy Face? We could do some shopping in the shops which hang the fags out….Gee Jammer it is so so confusing.

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