Now That’s A Lesson

Oh my, how embarrassing, Nisar Ahmed, is the first teacher to be banned for life for being friggin useless. Yep, Ahmed can never, ever teacher in a British classroom again because he was judged to be incompetent by the General Teaching Council for England. The panel found him guilty of “serious professional incompetence” and feared his students would/could be at a serious disadvantage for having been taught by him. Prior to his humiliating fall, Ahmed had taught for 13 years, his latest being  head of business studies at the John O’Gaunt Community Technology College in Hungerford. Sheez, his resume is gonna look crap now!


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4 responses to “Now That’s A Lesson

  1. The British do weird things when it comes to evaluations. One Brit wrote on his eval of another dude, “He shouldn’t be allowed to breed.”

  2. Griffin

    Some village is missing its idiot.

  3. If he were in the states he’s still get his pension.

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