Booby Trap Fail

OMG, when you booby trap your own home it’s wise to remember.  Jos Potvin (75) died after he forgot he had rigged a rifle to a string that ran across the floor of his bedroom. Quebec police believe he triggered the trap when he got up to make himself a meal. The poor man had been terrified of being burgled and rigged up the trap to blow the shit out of would-be thieves.


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6 responses to “Booby Trap Fail

  1. megagetoverit


  2. I keep telling my wife to quit rigging our house with dangerous explosives… sigh.

  3. oh em gee. that is so sad.

    but hilarious.

    but mostly sad.

  4. I really hate when that happens. One time I dumped a bunch of Tabasco sauce on the vanilla ice cream to see who was eating it, and found out I sleep walk.

  5. Guns don’t kill people. Booby traps do.

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