Shoe Throwing Fail

Oh for the love of god man, if you want “global” attention, throw your friggin shoes at the Pope, dumbass. Peter Gray, who chucked his shoes at former Australian Prime Minister John Howard during a live TV show last night, has become a laughing stock instead of a hero because basically….. he threw like a girl. The shoes were thrown to show his displeasure at Howard having committed Aussie troops to the Iraq War (Hmm, might want to have thrown them in 2003). When questioned about the incident Mr Gray said “I wanted to throw my shoes at John Howard and have the rest of the world see it”. Why? No one gives a shit and plus, you threw like a girl! One audience member told a bemused John Howard “if that’s all they’ve got to throw at you, you’ve got nothing to worry about”.

That’s not shoe throwing, you pansy…

This is shoe throwing


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3 responses to “Shoe Throwing Fail

  1. One thing one can say for Bush, he has good reflexes. That was one hell of a duck in the knick of time.

  2. I don’t think it’s necessarily “fail.” This whole affair made me laugh so very hard and made what was otherwise a dull political spin session very entertaining. Lulz are a win in my book.

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