The Sheen Keeps Rubbing Off

How many times do we have to do this scene?

Oh for crying out loud Charlie, if you continue abusing drugs while trashing a hotel room naked with a prostitute hiding in the closet, there is a high probability they will rename the show One and a half men. Charlie Sheen, who was suppose to be spending quality time with his kiddies in New York, has found himself in hospital  with what his reps say was an “allergic” reaction to medication …in otherwords cocaine and alcohol. The incident allegedly occured after Mr Sheen couldn’t find his wallet or cellphone and had a hissy fit. Exit naked escort into closet while Sheen trashed the room.Denise Richards and their little snowflakes were also staying at the Plaza Hotel during the rampage but were thankfully in a different room because otherwise that would have been awkward!


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2 responses to “The Sheen Keeps Rubbing Off

  1. Fairy Face

    Sorry Loon but I just love Charlie Sheen and I had to just laugh at this last episode. Only he can get away with such BAD behaviour and I bet he will… once again. He’ll just pay for the damage and buy a new chandalier for the hotel. I hope they write it into 2 1/2 men or as you predict 1 1/2 men. Well two now as Jake is bigger than Allan and Charlie. I like his old man too and probably wouldn’t knock him back either. They’re like the Baldwins, there’s just something so damned sexy about them all. Woo .. calm down woman!

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