FarmVille Murder

Never, ever interrupt a mother while she is playing Farmville on Facebook, that’s a killing. Alexandra Tobias faces life in prison after allegedly shaking her three month old son to death for interrupting her virtual farm game. It all started when baby Dylan began crying during a session of FarmVille and she shook him to shut him up. A little while later the family dog knocked the tyke off the couch and the screaming started again. This time Tobias shook him until he stopped breathing. She later told police Dylan’s head “could have” hit the computer while she was shaking him.  Urgh, a fail as a farmer and a mother, that’s definitely a defriending.


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10 responses to “FarmVille Murder

  1. Susi Spice

    i have no idea wat the hell farmville is…dont wanna know…OFF WITH HER HEAD!

  2. Fairy Face

    Maybe a one way trip to Mars ?

  3. But how are her crops doing now?

  4. Zee

    4 or 5 more years. Maybe less. Then just maybe (I hope … ugh I hope) that site will self destruct just like MySpace and become a bad memory and big joke.

  5. Immaturity of the mother could be seen as one of the factors in this case. Young adults now a days tend to escape critical family issues through internet. This is so infuriating.

  6. megagetoverit

    Stupid bitch…Kill her …she is breathing our oxygen…enough said….calm down now…

  7. Meanwhile, people who want kids and can’t have them just shake their heads in bewilderment …

  8. damm some people in this world are just…. wierd…..

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