God Fearing?

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Jehovah’s Witnesses. Well “you fucking Jehovah’s Witnesses, get the fuck off my property!” Rudolf Hellmold from Aripeka was arrested after he  pointed a loaded handgun at Jehovah’s Witnesses, Carla Dignall and Lenore Salvato, who were about to knock on his door.

Psst Can you go to hell for that?



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5 responses to “God Fearing?

  1. Fairy Face

    He needs to learn tolerance. These guys are the closest thing to desicples that you can get. Not too many of us will venture out knocking on doors for fear of our lives. I talk to The Johos who knock on my door at least once a month. One is presently dieing of Lymphoma and is quite breathless but she soldiers on. Heidi and Quinten were sent down from Coonabarabran to witness in Melbourne. Now just how many people would uproot their lives for God? Not too many I can tell you. Yeah he should be reprimanded in some way. He’ll probably say the devil made him do it.
    God will take care of him eventually.

    • nyy

      People need to learn to stay out of others peoples business. Dont go door to door preaching. We all know where the local churches are, we all can decide whether we want to go to them or not! People should have NO right to bother others about religion. That is a personal choice. You dont see any other religions knocking on doors, NEITHER SHOULD THEY!

  2. Steve Miller

    I am sick and tired of Carla Dignall coming to my house. I really think the guy was defending himself.

  3. If you would like to know what really happened, feel free to visit the blog we’ve started about this. With Florida, having Castle Doctrine laws, this should not even have been an issue!
    PS ~ It had nothing to do with their religion considering they did NOT identify themselves until AFTER he pulled the gun on them when one of them reached into their handbag. They were trespassers standing in the middle of his front yard asking him to come outside so they could talk to him, refusing to identify themselves and what they wanted. This disabled Marine (has 1 leg and only 1 good arm) was standing INSIDE his home and this whole exchange took place between an open window while he was in his living room.

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