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Howard K Stern Guilty

Howard K Stern has been found guilty on two counts of conspiracy for obtaining meds for Anna Nicole Smith. Blaha, blah, blah, he’s still free as he appeals the verdict. Typical.

Psst Until courts come down like a ton of bricks on people (including doctors) who supply “stars” with drugs we will continue to see carnage in Hollywood.


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Ewh, you know what I hate? When you go to a school library and some fool exposes himself and then ejaculates on your arm . I really friggin hate that! Oritse Ayu from Maryland was arrested after being identified from the Montgomery College surveillance footage. It is alleged Ayu ejaculated on the woman as she was reading then when she turned around he flashed his penis at her. Lucky there is plenty of DNA evidence.


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Volunteers For Mars


OK loons, want to go to Mars? Hmm, just one slight catch, it’s a one way trip. Yep, you ain’t never coming back because basically NASA are on a budget and it’s way too expensive to fly you back and friggin fro. The project is being headed by Pete Worden (who runs one of NASA’s top research centers). Volunteers will be expected to establish a colony on Mars and eventually become self sufficient.So are you in?


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FarmVille Murder

Never, ever interrupt a mother while she is playing Farmville on Facebook, that’s a killing. Alexandra Tobias faces life in prison after allegedly shaking her three month old son to death for interrupting her virtual farm game. It all started when baby Dylan began crying during a session of FarmVille and she shook him to shut him up. A little while later the family dog knocked the tyke off the couch and the screaming started again. This time Tobias shook him until he stopped breathing. She later told police Dylan’s head “could have” hit the computer while she was shaking him.  Urgh, a fail as a farmer and a mother, that’s definitely a defriending.


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I Quit

Lordie, lordie, lordie, you know it’s time to get out of town when the entire police force quit after being attacked by friggin drug cartel gunmen. Yes sirree, all 14 police officers from the town of Los Ramones in Mexico handed in their badges after a drug gang  opened fire on their headquarters. Sheez, $322 a month ain’t worth dying for. During the attack over 1,000 bullets were fired and 6 grenades were flung at the building. Despite no injures, 6 police vehicles were destroyed. So how does a town without police work? Sheez, it’s enough to make you go on drugs!



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Silly Billy

Oh for crying out loud Lorenzo Mason, don’t be taking off your mask in front of a CCTV camera after robbing a bookmaker at gunpoint because a) the police will publish your dumbass face and b) your momma will recognize you and dob you in. Mason whipped off the scarf as he left the scene of the crime fearing he would arouse suspicion. Say cheese! Now he has five years in jail to think about how stupid he was.


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Here’s A Tip!

No lady, no. A 3 month old child is in a critical condition in a Portland hospital after his mother attempted a home circumcision on the little tyke. Ouch!


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Wedding Fail

Holy mud brick house Batman. Over 65 people have died during a wedding in a remote area of Afghanistan after the top floor of a mud brick house collapsed. Most of the dead were women and children. The provincial Governor said “People don’t build such strong houses as they do in the city,” Hmm, no shit Sherlock!  I’m guessing the honeymoon is pretty much over!

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Tough Break

Oh dear god, nightmare alert, nightmare alert. When Thea Maxfield fell from her horse she had no idea she’d snapped her neck until she went to stand up and her head stayed where it was. Ewh. Known as a “hangman’s break” Maxfield had to cup her hands around her head and then carry it  to  avoid being stomped to death by the now distressed horse. After staggering to safety while holding her head in place she was rushed to hospital. Miraculously she has made a full recovery and back riding.


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Friggin Ants

This way!

You know what I hate? When you are lying in a Florida intensive care unit and hundreds of ants attack you. I really friggin hate that! Cornelius Lewis was bitten not once but hundreds of times by an army of  pavement ants while he lay seriously ill at the Gulf Coast Medical Center. Seems no one noticed them marching into his room and lunching on his legs and genitals.


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