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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Ok loons, check out this film clip and see what you think. A man in Ireland believes he has spotted a time traveler in a piece of old footage from the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, The Circus. The clip seems to show a woman talking on a cellphone as she walks along the street. The footage in question appears in the extras menu of the DVD which shows real people attending the Hollywood premier. Hmm, if it’s really a time traveler I can pretty much guarantee she ain’t using an iPhone4 (doesn’t even work in the friggin present).


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The Sheen Keeps Rubbing Off

How many times do we have to do this scene?

Oh for crying out loud Charlie, if you continue abusing drugs while trashing a hotel room naked with a prostitute hiding in the closet, there is a high probability they will rename the show One and a half men. Charlie Sheen, who was suppose to be spending quality time with his kiddies in New York, has found himself in hospital  with what his reps say was an “allergic” reaction to medication …in otherwords cocaine and alcohol. The incident allegedly occured after Mr Sheen couldn’t find his wallet or cellphone and had a hissy fit. Exit naked escort into closet while Sheen trashed the room.Denise Richards and their little snowflakes were also staying at the Plaza Hotel during the rampage but were thankfully in a different room because otherwise that would have been awkward!


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Paul The Psychic Octopus Is Dead


OMG, Paul the psychic octopus who predicted the World Cup results is dead. He was found floating in his aquarium in Germany last night. A devastated general manager of Sea Life said “He won all our hearts, and we will sorely miss him.”  The body will remain in cold storage until they work out a fitting send off for the lovable 8 legged rogue.

Psst I hope his tentacles don’t end up on eBay!


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Gordon Pinsent Reads From Justin Bieber’s Memoirs

Canadian icon, Gordon Pinsent, pulls the piss reads excerpts from Justin Biebers memoirs. What friggin 16 year old has memoirs, he still wears his hair backwards for goodness sakes. Now, if only the Pinsent version was available on audio tape!

Psst Thanks KROQ for the heads up!

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Perez Hilton Has Gone All Nanny State

Perez Hilton goes politically correct on his blog

They got to you, didn't they?

Urgh, is anyone else yawning at Perez Hilton’s new anti-bullying mantra on his blog? My daily dose of bitch wit and celeb slapping has been replaced by Mary Poppins, umbrella floating, cotton candy, suck hole pandering. Gone are my fav “Lezlo”,  “Kstew” ,”Cokate” , “Maniston”, “Musy Farton and “potato head” quips, now replaced with generic drivel. If I wanted nice I would Mary Hart myself!  Boo hoo to politically correctness, does no one care about my needs? Manchurian Candidate much?


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Shoe Throwing Fail

Oh for the love of god man, if you want “global” attention, throw your friggin shoes at the Pope, dumbass. Peter Gray, who chucked his shoes at former Australian Prime Minister John Howard during a live TV show last night, has become a laughing stock instead of a hero because basically….. he threw like a girl. The shoes were thrown to show his displeasure at Howard having committed Aussie troops to the Iraq War (Hmm, might want to have thrown them in 2003). When questioned about the incident Mr Gray said “I wanted to throw my shoes at John Howard and have the rest of the world see it”. Why? No one gives a shit and plus, you threw like a girl! One audience member told a bemused John Howard “if that’s all they’ve got to throw at you, you’ve got nothing to worry about”.

That’s not shoe throwing, you pansy…

This is shoe throwing


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I Would Like To Report A Terrorist Please!

You owe a shit load of money to a business associate, what do you do? Hmm, contact the FBI and claim the associate is planning to blow up Time Square, that’s what! The Joint Terrorism Task Force then spent 5 months and  more than $1 million on a wild goose chase to unearth info about the terrorist plot. Syed Omair Ali, the fool, even wore a secret wire to record conversations with the associate in the hope he would say something damning. Brilliant! In the end the frustrated investigators confronted Ali and he cracked like a rotten egg. Hmm, that’s eight years in prison right there! Dumbass.


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Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

OK, here’s the thing, if you are going to get a tattoo make sure you don’t argue with the tattooist, otherwise you could find yourself with a penis on your back. A 25 year old Queensland man is now walking around with a 40cm tatt of a penis and an obscene slogan on his back after he offended a professional tattooist during a session. The victim had originally requested a yin and yang symbol with some dragons but now has a dick for his troubles. The tattooist has been charged with two accounts of assault.


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Just another little Hiccup

Remember “hiccup girl”? You know, the teen who couldn’t stop hiccuping. Come on, she was famous for like a week in 2007 hiccuping 50 times an hour for 6 weeks. Anywho, she’s now been charged with murder. Sheez, an attention whore! Jennifer Mee allegedly lured a man to an address and he was then robbed and murdered by two accomplices. Oh, but on a brighter note Mee no longer has hiccups.

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OK, deal with this info anyway you see fit. Researchers have studied Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA using  state-of-the-art testing  and have found he’s a descendant of a Neanderthal man. Ozzy has long believed his survival, despite his excessive drug and alcohol abuse, is a result of his genetics. Tada! Hmm, at least he walks erect (kind of)!

Psst Ozzy is also related to Jesse James, tsar Nicholas II and King George I.


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