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Lunch Breakfast Club Style

OK loons, don’t try attempting this in a public library…trust me, they take none too kindly!

Psst Can you believe Breakfast Club was made 25 friggin years ago!

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Little Girl Kisses Concrete

Blahahahahahahhaa. Never work with children or animals.


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Oh Dear

OMG, a New Zealand high school teacher who was out on a camping trip has been shot dead while she brushed her teeth at a camp site. It is believed a hunter mistook her for a deer.  Rosemary Margaret Ives (25) was brushing her teeth at night at a camp ground in Turangi when it is believed the hunter “spot lighted” her and fired. Ms Ives died at the scene.


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Face Off

Imagine having every single bone in your face broken after falling from a four story building. Worse still, imagine, after having major reconstructive surgery, you go out to a nightclub and get glassed in the face. Hmm, Josh Filbay from Victoria knows the feeling. In August Filbay not only broke every bone in his face, he lost every tooth, broke his kneecaps and smashed up his wrists after falling from a building in Belfast. Saturday he went out to a Melbourne nightclub and got glassed in the face. Hmm, what’s the universe telling him?


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Epic Roller Coaster Vomit Fail

OMG, the moral of this story is never, ever, pig out before going on a roller coaster . Dear god, what a mess. Pity the fool who gets THAT seat next!

VOMIT ALERT : Warning this clip contains vomit, lots of vomit, view at own risk!!!!


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Now That’s A Lesson

Oh my, how embarrassing, Nisar Ahmed, is the first teacher to be banned for life for being friggin useless. Yep, Ahmed can never, ever teacher in a British classroom again because he was judged to be incompetent by the General Teaching Council for England. The panel found him guilty of “serious professional incompetence” and feared his students would/could be at a serious disadvantage for having been taught by him. Prior to his humiliating fall, Ahmed had taught for 13 years, his latest being  head of business studies at the John O’Gaunt Community Technology College in Hungerford. Sheez, his resume is gonna look crap now!


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The Devil Made Me Do It


OK, this is weird. Eleven people were injured when they jumped from a second story window near Paris after they thought they saw the devil. This is how it unfolded. Thirteen people were sleeping in an apartment (13???) when at around 3am  a stark naked African man got up to tend to his crying baby. One of the occupants thought WTF is that …the devil?….stabbed him in the hand and threw him out. When stark naked African man tried to get back into the apartment everyone panicked thinking the devil was now really pissed, so they all jumped out the window. See, I told you its weird.

Psst I bet they all felt silly the next day!

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Booby Trap Fail

OMG, when you booby trap your own home it’s wise to remember.  Jos Potvin (75) died after he forgot he had rigged a rifle to a string that ran across the floor of his bedroom. Quebec police believe he triggered the trap when he got up to make himself a meal. The poor man had been terrified of being burgled and rigged up the trap to blow the shit out of would-be thieves.


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Sleeping With A Rotting Corpse

A coke addicted, out of work artist, Michael Lenahan, has been sentenced to 19 years jail for the strangulation murder of Lorna Santiago. Lenahan, who was living with his grandmother in the Confucius Plaza apartment in Manhattan, murdered the woman during an argument and then spent the next few days sleeping with the decomposing body. He then began surfing the net looking for info on sadomasochism and how to preserve dead bodies. During his trial Lenahan said “I’m far from a perfect person, but I am a good person,” Uh huh, whatever!


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No Benefits In Being A Terrorist

Oh for crying out loud Al Qaeda, if you don’t pay your terrorists friggin health care how do you expect them to stay loyal? Sheez! Former Al Qaeda member L’Houssaine Kherchtou told the court in New York  he left Bin Laden’s terror group because they refused to pay health care for him or his wife. Despite being Bin Laden’s pilot he became disgruntled when the friggin tight asses wouldn’t  pay for his wife’s cesarean section forcing her to beg on the streets for the money.  Sheez, you just can’t find a decent terrorist group these days. In the ultimate FU response, Kherchtou began helping the US in investigating two embassy bombings in Africa.

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