Hi Honey, I’m Home

I have dreams!

As if being married to Josef Fritzl isn’t enough to make your skin crawl. The incest monster, who kept has daughter in a dungeon for 24 years raping the life out of her, has confessed he can’t wait to get out of jail so he can get back into the arms of his “loyal” wife. What the friggin hell? Yes, Fritzl is adamant that his wife still loves him and dreams of getting out so he can look after her. Run lady, friggin run! So far not his wife, daughter or grandkids kids have made contact with daddy dearest.


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4 responses to “Hi Honey, I’m Home

  1. Allyson

    What a sick bastard. I hope he’s not getting out any time soon.

  2. lynn

    wouldn’t it be awful if she actually did go back with this weirdo? i’m telling you loon, nothing surprises me anymore- NOTHING!


    This is a dreadful story Loon and I hope to God someone gets him inside. An animal if there was ever one who should never see the light of day. Appartently Lynn the wife has never replied to any of his letters. I hope she never does. So many lives ruined by his depraved desire for sex with his daughter. I felt like throwing up when this story first emerged. Sadly for some people it’s all about sex but to father all those kids UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe now people with take more notice of their dogs when they relentlessly sniff out something peculiar as one dog did. I wonder how she and the kids are doing? Last report was she’d found romance with one of the police investgators. I hope her life is getting back to some kind of ‘normal’.

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