Sexual Favor Fail

Honey, NO!

Oh lordie, lordie, lordie a woman in West Virginia has been jailed after her sexual advances were declined because of a stinky vagina. Ewh!  OK loons here’s how it went down, evidently a drunk Melissa Williams asked her estranged hubby Danny and a friend, James Watson, for a little sexual pleasure but when Watson approached he said he was overwhelmed by a horrible vaginal odor and refused to proceed. A now enraged Melissa allegedly produced a lock-back folding knife, pointed it at her hubby and said “somebody is going to [perform a sexual act on me] or I’m going to cut your f***ing throat.”  Enter police, exit Melissa. Hmm, no word on whether she got what she wanted before police arrived.


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6 responses to “Sexual Favor Fail

  1. Summer’s Eve feminine hygiene products bring back freshness every time.

  2. Fairy Face

    Oh oh oh that is so bad. LMAO ! Take a shower lovey for God sake.

  3. I’m going to file this under “things I wish I didn’t know” …

  4. Fairy Face

    This story is just so gross but I’m still LMAO lololol. Go Loon, story of the week. What do you reckon Susi ? lol, gees I have to send this story to some of my gal pals.

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