How James Blunt Saved The World

I'm Beautiful

Oh for crying out loud James Blunt, if you really wanted to save the world you would never have recorded the “You’re Beautiful” song, damn you! Mr Blunt is currently getting a sledging after he declared that he had saved the world from World War III during an interview yesterday. The singer who was once a cavalry officer said in the interview that during 1999, when he was serving in the Balkans war, he refused to carry out an order to “destroy” 200 Russian troops who had seized a Kosovo airfield. And thus saved us all from a fate worse than Saddam. Too bad he couldn’t save us from You’re Beautiful.

Psst Sheez, I bet they’ll make a movie about it now!


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6 responses to “How James Blunt Saved The World

  1. Fairy Face

    Oh yeah thanks for meminding me that it’s a dreadful song. That and Wicked Dreams that I always confuse with George Michael’s song.
    Chris has a lot to answer for with that one too. I cringe every time I hear it. It’s friggin awful.

  2. Jeez, now I’m beholden to the little squeaky voiced squirt for saving the world ? 😯

    Thanks a friggin lot, loon – that’s really made my day 😦

  3. Who. The. Eff. Is. James Blunt?? If it’s that guy in the video above, he looks way too weak to have been in any military. I think he saved us all by getting out of it.

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