Honeymoon is Over

OK, here’s the thing people, don’t, and I repeat DON’T, drive through a slum in Cape Town, it will only end in death. Anni Dewani was murdered after she and her millionaire hubby, Shrien Dewani, were hijacked by robbers as they drove in a taxi through slums in South Africa. The robbers forced the taxi driver from the vehicle and sped off with the two terrified British newlyweds in the back seat. Mr Dewani was later robbed and forced out of the vehicle but his wife of two weeks was taken by the gang. Her body was later found slumped on the back seat of the abandoned minibus in another slum. It is believed she was shot.


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2 responses to “Honeymoon is Over

  1. The husband is lucky to be alive.

    Hopefully, shooting the wife was the only thing the carjackers did to her, though I suspect not 😥

    This news, coming on top of Julie’s own confrontation with a gunman trying to carjack her a few days ago


    illustrates just how dangerous a place South Africa is for residents and tourists alike !

  2. Fairy Face

    I worked with a girl who still had her father and sisters living over there. Two guys threw a drum form a bridge and it went through the windscreen of her sister’s BMW. She lay upside down in the car all night before she was found badly injured and also with two broken arms. What a friggin awful place to live?? Poor woman.

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