Child Free Flights

OMG, I can’t believe it. Airlines may soon be offering…wait for it…child free flights. FRIGGIN AWESOME. Sheez, that’s one less thing we have to worry about if the plane crashes (none of this women and children first crap). No more ear bleeding screams, toddler tantrums, breast milk upchucks, smug moms, clucky air hostesses or chair kicking shits. Oh and now maybe we can watch uncensored films in peace. AND what would be even cooler, is if the airlines made “Family ONLY” flights where they could all implode together. Fingers crossed.


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13 responses to “Child Free Flights

  1. Hmm, they could even convert the grounded A380 into a flying play gym for the little snowflakes.

  2. How about a security grope free zone.

  3. They should extend this idea to buses and trains.

    Make all forms of public transport – child-free zones 😆

  4. Fairy Face

    All public places should be child free zones. I hate little kids. Precocious brats most of the time. My best friend has four GRANDSONS. All horrible brats. Well one will pass with a push. She hates them too lol. Well expect the one that will pass with a push. He’s like us, quiet, pensive, eats wog food and is generally easy to get along with. He walks our walk and talks our talk. Our kind of 5 year old.

  5. Fairy Face

    Having said that they should we should be able to get a refund it they aren’t suitable.

  6. and while we’re at it, the friggin snowflakes shoudn’t be allowed on stage at a concert either !!!

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