The Devil Went Down To Trinidad

OMG, either the students were getting up to devilish mischief at the Morunga Composite School in Trinidad or friggin Satan was messing with them.Teachers and authorities are still baffled as to why 17 girls fell ill then began rolling around on the ground and blabbering in a strange tongue (hmm, and I thought that was pretty normal for teens?) . Anywho, two had to be physically restrained from hurling themselves off a railing. The incident sent Roman Catholic priests flocking to the school to get all exorcismy and spray holy water over them . While some locals believe it to be a student prank others think it has something to do with the school being built on a burial site. How very Poltergeistish.


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5 responses to “The Devil Went Down To Trinidad

  1. megagetoverit

    sounds like the little bitches have been licking cane toad venom…..

  2. Fairy Face

    Or smoking something evil lol

  3. See, this is why you don’t fuck with burial grounds people. Seriously, did they not get the memo?

  4. Fairy Face

    I can’t believe why people don’t take the devil seriously. He’s real, he’s a threat and we used to be up there with the best of them. He was cast down but is very much alive ‘active’ in his every day duties.
    Just look at the moral decay around you and he’s there. Just ask Linda Blair!!! EEEEK !

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