I See Dead People

Did you hear the one about the ....

Oh for crying out loud people, sleeping with a corpse is gross, telling jokes while she rots, friggin bizarre. Kiwi Gordon Hiett told the court he strangled his Thai sex worker girlfriend, Nuttidar Vaikaew, after an argument and then popped her in bed next to him. Then for the next month he lived with the rotting corpse, using an electric fan to minimize the stench. During this time Hiett cheered himself up he reading jokes to himself . The body was discovered after the landlord noticed the foul odor coming from his apartment.


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6 responses to “I See Dead People

  1. Susi Spice

    kiwi – not surprised

  2. Ugh. Remind me not to read these posts while eating breakfast…

  3. Allyson

    Ewwww! What the hell is wrong with people!

  4. Fairy Face

    So does Jan but he doesn’t sleep with them lol . He just talks to them. And yeah Susi why are we not surprised it’s another “KIWI” story?

  5. megagetoverit

    one way to avoid the credit card blowing out…very nu zeland bro….

  6. Fairy Face

    Very Mega Eh?

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