Trust Me I’m A Doctor

Attention all Idaho women, has anyone had their breasts examined by a Dr Berlyn Aussieahshowna at a bar recently? If so, I hate to break it you but she ain’t no plastic surgeon and she ain’t no woman, you’ve been groped! Kristina Ross, who use to be a man, had been stalking bars and offering women free breast examinations under the ruse of being a surgeon. She was later arrested and charged with impersonating a doctor after victims began ringing to make appointments at a surgery Ross said she worked at for follow up appointments.


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9 responses to “Trust Me I’m A Doctor

  1. megagetoverit

    “Trust Me I’m A Doctor”
    Bitch has stolen my punchline…..

  2. I am bummed. I was looking for a bar to get my breasts examined and now it seems I am out of luck. Will I ever win?

  3. Fairy Face

    I’m sure there’s lots of guys or girls will grope you in most bars just for the asking lol

  4. Fairy Face

    No this one wold be hard to pick other than looking like your average hard faced bitch, he’d pass with a push too.

  5. WTF…couldn’t he have changed his name at the same time as his sex?

  6. She looked like a lady doctor to me.

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