I'm so ronely

Oh for crying out loud, Kim Jong Il, what the? All hell has broken loose on the South/North Korean border after North Korea fired a few artillery shells (50) at Yeonpyeong, a South Korean island. Kimmy, you bad????? It has been reported that several people have been injured and several houses have been kaboomed.Now the South Korean military are on high alert and you know what that means… some strongly worded letters from  the UN.


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5 responses to “Incoming!!!

  1. Fairy Face

    Yes and sadly that’s about all that will happen.

  2. They must be running out of the Prongy beer ingredients. That want the UN to drop some sanctions so they can get some more.

  3. YES! WAR good god what is it good for?

  4. Name: Mark

    Interesting situation. One could do nothing like with the sinking earlier of the SK Naval vessel or respond with fire. I think it is well overdue to respond in force and I think the reaction needs to be an over-reaction, specifically because the North wants the South to fire back to stir up the population back home. So how about responding so that when the North decides that they need to return fire, the big question is ‘with what?’ as the South has already damaged most everything along the border. I think a response should take out as many aircraft as possible, or at least runways…
    I think this situation has gone beyond dealing in a rational-restrained way.

  5. megagetoverit

    The beginning of the end ?

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